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PTP(Picture Transfer Protocol) Function

When an USB device is connected, depending on the specific function of that device,
it is classified into a particular class. Each Class defines its own communication protocol.
USB class driver is used by the USB host to exchange data and control
a device belonging to that particular class.

PTP function drive is used to transfer image files to an USB host from devices such as digital
cameras and can control certain functions of the camera

PTP function driver compiles with the following specification

- USB Still Image Capture Device Definition (Revision 1.0)

- Picture Transfer Protocol(PTP) for Digital Still Photography Devices (PIMA 15740:2000)

PTP function driver uses the following system architecture.

PTP(Picture Transfer Protocol) Function

UBISYS PTP function driver Specification

· Product description

- USB PTP function driver

· OS

- FW

- RTOS : Nucleus PLUS, VxWorks, uC/OSII, ST OS20, ST OS21 and so on

- WinCE

· Programming language : ANSI C

· Compiler : 32-bit C compiler