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The foundation for UBISYS TECHNOLOGY began with the vision of developing main system IC
for ubiquitous environments in 2002.
Our USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 OTG controllers have been adopted for various kinds of products of
over 100 customers. With SAMSUNG and LG DVD home theater systems the stability of our USB
products was widely known on the market and we have continued our expansion overseas
with the proven technology and our revenue grown up.
To jump up to the next level we have expanded the business by developing the below items.

- S/W based product, USB stack
- WUSB(Wireless USB) products for multimedia
- USB 3.0 controllers
- USB test equipment, UHT(USB Host Tester)

UBISYS TECHNOLOGY focuses on the technology adequate for ubiquitous environments
and comes up to you with the product for better life.

Thank you.

Ubisys Technology CEO/President Han Dong Chul